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Paperboy Digital Consulting is focused on helping libraries digitize their archival materials, making them discoverable for research in support of the Digital Humanities.

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Open Access

Endeavor to diversify the corpus of knowledge


Library Services

Paperboy Digital Consulting helps develop digitization and collection programs in support of Open Access and Digital Humanities initiatives. Paperboy can manage the full project lifecycle — from ideation, to funding, to project and vendor management, providing support to deliver a smooth and efficient project.

We work with all archival formats — Books, ephemera, maps, periodicals, recordings, and more; including metadata capture.

Workshops and Training

Ideation and grant writing engagement with virtual, hybrid, and onsite workshops. Group training on digitization strategy and implementation.


Collaborative multi-institutional engagement through the promotion of cohorts with shared webinars and workspaces. Group and consortia collaboration.


Strategic planning — Collection analysis, Funding, Grants, Rights diligence and management.

Project support — Scoping, Planning, Scanning, Conversion, Platform, Preservation. 


Trusted scanning, conversion, and platform vendors with pre-set most-favorable pricing based on a stress-tested cloud-based workflow.

Our Team

Our team has spent decades in academic publishing creating award-winning, innovative programs. We share a passion for ensuring diverse voices are represented and research is broadly accessible.

Working With the Best Vendors



Paperboy Digital Consulting is the preferred North American distributor of CCS products and services. © CCS Content Conversion Specialists GmbH

CCS is your partner for the digitization and conversion of historical document collections into sustainable, digital archives. Implement your next project with our all-in-one solution and services – from professional scanning to quality control of the digitized version in the METS/ALTO metadata standard.

Vendor Services

Paperboy Digital Consulting has deep experience and core relationships in Academic, K-12 and Public Library markets. Our consultants have decades of experience and are recognized as experts in archival digitization.

  • Product management

  • Project management

  • Sales

  • Marketing

  • Metadata

  • Rights

Why Paperboy?

6 year old newsboy, known as Little Fattie and only 3 ft 4 ins tall.
Why Paperboy?

I was first introduced to the paperboy when I was in grad school researching the New York City Draft Riots of 1863. Paperboys, aligned with gangs like the Dead Rabbits and the Bowery Boys, were brawling in the streets while Horace Greeley was in hiding. The boys from the New York Herald tried to burn down the press office of Greeley’s New York Tribune. Often underestimated, the paperboys were tough orphaned street kids, as young as 6 years old. At a young age serving as lookouts for organized crime, they would learn how to pickpocket and perform other petty crimes. A life of day-to-day survival, some would rise into the ranks of these violent gangs. The plight of these young lads exposed the dark world of 19th and early 20th-century child labor and served as a major impetus for the first child labor laws. I discovered their stories paging through microfilm of the Times, Herald and Tribune. I remember performing the slow scroll as you glide the film from side to side hoping for a glimpse of a single word. All I could think is there must be a better way; and, what was I missing? A few years later, I would find myself as the manager of ProQuest Historical Newspapers. After typing just a few keywords into the Historical New York Times, I was peppered in seconds with countless more articles than I was able to discover over months of research hunched over that microfilm reader. From that point forward I focused my career on digitizing historical material and broadening the corpus of available material to ensure all voices are remembered. Paperboy Digital is a tribute to these underestimated scrappy street orphans.

- Bryan


350 N Federal Hwy., #908

Boynton Beach

FL 33435

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